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McLaren MP4-12C takes America by storm

Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. But most of all, give us your supercars. There have been far too many that were never homologated for the American market, but thankfully the new McLaren … Continue reading

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Merdad’s tuned McLaren MP4-12C to be called MehRon GT

Normally our response to something called a Merdad Mehron GT would be “The what what?” Having seen it, however, our response is: “That’s hot.” The British tuning firm that normally occupies itself turning Porsche Cayennes into hot, swollen messes has … Continue reading

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Rowan Atkinson crashes his McLaren F1… again

It looks like the man behind Mr. Bean and Blackadder has had another off in his McLaren F1. British comedian Rowan Atkinson reportedly spun his seven-figure supercar as he was traveling down the A605 near Peterborough in the UK. No … Continue reading

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McLaren channels feedback into revised MP4-12C

A Formula One team runs very differently than a car manufacturer. When an F1 team finds that a new suspension component or aerodynamic winglet isn’t performing exactly as expected – or as their star driver would like – they go … Continue reading

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McLaren MP4-12C celebrates second-quickest Power Lap time on Top Gear

McLaren MP4-12C on Top Gear Ford versus Chevrolet. Porsche 911 vs Nissan GT-R. Audi versus Peugeot. The car business is full of rivalries, but few are as competitive as Ferrari versus McLaren. The two outfits have been at each other’s … Continue reading

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McLaren opens first of 35 dealers worldwide for sold-out MP4-12C

McLaren London at One Hyde Park Know what you’re looking at right now? An empty showroom. (Or rather, a preview rendering thereof.) McLaren London will open its doors at One Hyde Park as the first of 35 new dealers opening … Continue reading

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“Mega Mac” McLaren F1 successor to pack 799 horsepower

McLaren MP4-12C and F1 – Click above for high-res image gallery It’s “full speed ahead” for McLaren. The British racing team-turned-supercar-maker is hard at work producing the new MP4-12C and just recently debut the GT3 racing version. But that’s just … Continue reading

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