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Lamborghini evaluating either sedan or crossover… but not both

Lamborghini Estoque (above) Lamborghini does one thing, and one thing only: two-door supercars. That’s it. Until recently, it didn’t even do much racing. And aside from the LM002 “Rambo Lambo” (pictured below), it never made anything with more than two … Continue reading

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Deep Dive: Porsche in the Driver’s Seat

FEATURES:  From the July, 2011 issue of Automobile MagazineIt couldn’t have looked much worse for Porsche in 2009. The hare-brained scheme to buy out the Volkswagen Group — intended to safeguard Porsche’s independence — had blown up spectacularly, leaving the … Continue reading

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Lamborghini CEO Winkelmann confirms new “everyday” model line

Stephan Winkelmann with Lamborghini Estoque concept The incorporation of Lamborghini into the Volkswagen Group has certainly done a lot for their drivability, but we wouldn’t exactly call a Gallardo or Aventador an “everyday supercar.” But according to reports quoting the … Continue reading

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