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HBH reveals final design for mid-engined Aston Martin Bulldog GT

    Aston Martins often prove capable of tangling with the likes of Ferraris and Lamborghinis. But one thing that sets them apart is that, while their Italian counterparts often place their engines amidship, Astons are always front-engined. Right? Well, … Continue reading

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Factory Five announces winners of crowdsourced WRX-based sportscar design

Factory Five 818 Design Contest Winners Factory Five hosted a contest to find a new design for its upcoming 818 sports car. The call went out to designers from around the globe, and winners have been crowned. The top dog … Continue reading

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Ship Me a Building: Used Shipping Containers as Architecture (via Reckless Abandon)

A cool idea to recycle used shipping containers. I was thinking of how many containers are produced each year to replace the rusty, damage ones that come from overseas. My idea project is more of a theft proof storage for … Continue reading

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