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Ford Cobra Snakehead concept is just a dream

Ford Cobra Snakehead concept Andrus Cipriani is known for spitting out some slick concepts via his computer. His latest effort? This new Ford Cobra Snakehead. It’s inspired by the original Cobra’s big engine/small car philosophy, but it has a hardtop … Continue reading

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$400,000 Bet: Ferrari 458 vs Shelby Cobra 427

I know it sounds extremely vulgar, but some rich folks in America apparently got into some heavy smacktalk about their cars and that resulted in a $400,000 bet. One of the guys has a Ferrari 458 Italia and reckons he … Continue reading

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Video: Shelby Cobra 427 vs Ferrari 458 Italia teased ahead of $400,000 drag fight

Ferrari 458 Italia versus Shelby Cobra with $400K on the line Take a moment and pretend you’re a wealthy man or woman. (If you’re already wealthy, take a moment to enjoy the warm green glow from your money… otherwise, time … Continue reading

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