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Closing Day of Auction in Scottsdale

Well its been a long weekend of watching collector cars go by the auction block and the auctioneer bang their gavel. I commend the auctioneer, for a long and tiring weekend they must endure. After Saturday’s record-setting day, I am … Continue reading

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Record Saturday for Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale

Saturday is always an all day event for my friends and I to watch and try to guess the bidding price for the collector cars. We turn it into a game with point going to the closest price. This year … Continue reading

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Charity Collector Cars Raise Lots At Barrett-Jackson Auction On Friday

The top Cars for charity at Barrett-Jackson raised lots of money for charity, including a Barrett-Jackson edition Shelby GT. 2013 SHELBY GT500 FASTBACK – This was created to raise awareness and benefit the Edith and Benson Ford Heart & Vascular Institute … Continue reading

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Top Sales for Friday at Scottsdale Auction

Every year in January a few friends and I  gather around a big screen TV and make a weekend of watching the Barrett-Jackson Auction. For a few years, due to the economy the car collection market has been idle, for … Continue reading

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Barrett-Jackson 2012: First 2013 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Convertible sells for $600,000

Earlier this week we showed you the recently-unveiled 2013 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Convertible at Barrett-Jackson. Chevrolet didn’t just bring the car to display, though, and announced that it would be auctioning the very first production example for charity. There was … Continue reading

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Devon GTX up for auction at Barrett-Jackson

The demise of the Dodge Viper in 2010 was sad enough on its own. But as if to twist the knife in the wound, the end of the Viper also meant the end of the Devon GTX. A project of … Continue reading

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SMS Supercars unveils 620 Camaro, auctions first example for charity at Barrett-Jackson

When Steve Saleen launched his new company, SMS Supercars, back in 2008, he announced that he would be expanding his portfolio of vehicles to include the muscle car offerings from Chevrolet and Dodge. First up was the 570 and 570X … Continue reading

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Galpin Widebody Mustang nets $160,000 for charity

The time has come for the custom widebody Mustang from Galpin Auto Sports to find a new owner. Built by Galpin for industrial company SPX, this specially built Mustang features a hand-built body that widens the car by an incredible … Continue reading

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The Classic Plymouth Barracuda

The Plymouth Barracuda is a car that was manufactured from 1964 through 1974. With the optional 273 cubic inch V8, which makes it a more desirable. And is a compact car first seen in the market in 1964. It is … Continue reading

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