Huet Brothers announce Coupe RR and Race models

HB Coupe RR

The Huet Brothers original HB Special, released three years ago, was based on the aging mechanicals of a Triumph TR6. The new HB Coupe should have stronger bones: it starts its life as a BMW 1 Series Coupe.

Buyers can opt for the daily-driver model announced a couple of weeks ago, or one of the two more hardcore iterations shown here. The HB Coupe RR modifies the BMW underpinnings with a full carbon monocoque, gives it a more spartan interior, and offers a buffet of engine options, including a 220-horsepower diesel four, a 3.0-liter inline six with 306 hp, or the full M-spec 330 hp six for a 0-60 run in 5.3, 4.0 or 3.8 seconds, respectively.

Not shabby, but for the truly performance-obsessed there’s also a track-ready Race model. Tino and Paul Huet are taking orders, but in order to complete development and begin construction, they’re generating capital by selling their line of wristwatches. HB Coupe RR

The Road is my Circuit
• I want a race car for on the road
• I don’t care too much for comfort
• I would like to take a bag though
• I want to be one with the machine
• I sometimes get stuck in traffic
• I promise not to crash but if I do I want to walk away

Full Carbon monocoque.

HB Coupe RR Diesel | HB Coupe RR | HB Coupe RR M
2L 4cyl Diesel | 3L – 6cyl | 3L – 6cyl M
220 BHP/400 NM | 306 BHP/400 NM | 330 BHP/450 NM

0-100 kph
5.3 Seconds | 4 Seconds | 3.8 Seconds

Top Speed
250 km 250 km 250 km

1046 KG | 1082 KG | 1099 KG

Rear Wheel Drive
Manual 6 speed gearbox.
The Diesel is also available with a 6 speed automatic. The HB Coupe RR is available with a seven speed double clutch transmission.

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