McLaren Exclusive to offer customization for MP4-12C

McLaren Exclusive MP4-12C

McLaren has a lot of territory to cover if it’s going to catch up with the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. After all, a lot has changed since they stopped selling the their seminal F1 supercar – the business is different and so is the company. Fortunately, if anyone’s up to the task, it’s the boys from Woking.

Not only does the new MP4-12C have to stack up against the competition in terms of performance, but McLaren Automotive has to provide a complete buyer experience to match. That means a whole new dealer network, a service framework and parts distribution channels. It also means catering to the needs of its wealthy clientele, the kind prepared to drop over a quarter-million on a new ride, and who are used to getting things just the way they want. And that means an in-house customization department.

That’s just what the company has reportedly put together with McLaren Exclusive. The custom-orders department will offer discerning clients all kinds of extras to set their new wheels apart from the others, like aero bits taken from its GT3 racer, custom paint jobs (like the Satin Orange pictured above with contrasting black roof), carbon fiber bits and painted brake calipers.

You can bet the interior will also be offered with all manner of modifications, but don’t expect any of it to come cheap: the show car pictured above, courtesy of TeamSpeed, would reportedly cost an extra $50k over list.

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