1 of 45 Iacocca Mustang coupes shows up on Hardcore Pawn

2009 Lee Iacocca Mustang

Lots of strange stuff shows up in pawn shops, but rarely does something as rare and valuable as a 2009 Ford Mustang Lee Iacocca pass through the crosshairs. The guys at American Jewelery and Loan, subject of the TruTV show Hardcore Pawn, recently had the opportunity to get their hands on car number 11.

We aren’t sure what inspired the couple who owned the car to sell it to a pawn shop (they did win the car at a casino, however), but they came away with a cool $66,000. We shudder to think what American Jewelery and Loan will try to hock it for. Click past the jump to watch how the deal went down.

UPDATE: Eagle-eyed reader Brad B. has discovered that American Jewelry and Loan, the Detroit pawn shop that purchased the car, has listed the Iacocca Mustang for a cool $175,000 on their website. [Source: TruTV via YouTube | Images: Photos copyright 2009 Drew Phillips / AOL]

View the original article here

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