Ford Shelby GT500 gets some intercooler love

Ford Shelby GT500 Spy Shot
Ford Shelby GT500 Spy Shots

Our army of spy photographers managed to snap a few photos of a Ford Shelby GT500 strutting a new intercooler. If you take a close look, you can see piping through the upper and lower grille as well as the vehicle’s mocked-up fog light openings. Chances are the new equipment is merely part of a scheme to make the vehicle’s supercharger a little more efficient, though it’s entirely possible that the big bad snake is rocking something exciting under its hood. Something like a twin turbocharged V8.

Though we’ve been more than a little skeptical about notions of a forced-induction V6 or four-cylinder Ford Mustang model, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the GT500 grow a turbo or two. There’s no telling exactly what the engineers at Dearborn could come up with if they scrapped the old supercharger in place of a pair of turbos. Modern variable vane units have all but eliminated lag, and ditching the blower would simultaneously do away with heaps of parasitic drag on the engine. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for more on this one.

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