Ford Mustang emerges from tornado devastation under its own power

Tornado damaged Ford Mustang, Tuscaloosa, AL
Ford Mustang drives out of the rubble in Tuscaloosa, AL

The death toll from Wednesday’s tornadoes has reached a staggering 204 in the state of Alabama alone. The once proud university town of Tuscaloosa, home to the multi-time NCAA National Champion Crimson Tide football team, lies in ruin. For now, there isn’t much in the way of inspiring news from the state.

This morning, though, a video hit the web of a Tuscaloosa resident driving his Ford Mustang convertible out of the wreckage. The Mustang is far from a pretty sight, and likely won’t be moving anywhere else under its own grunt any time soon, but it’s inspiring nonetheless – a small glimmer that not all is lost.

True, a ragged, fifteen-year-old Ford dragging itself from the ruins of a terrible natural disaster isn’t exactly the feel-good hit of the summer. True, the car’s miraculous survival doesn’t serve as a sign that Alabama’s return to normal is right around the corner. What it does show, on however small a level, is that there’s always hope, no matter how bleak things get. Check out the video after the break.

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