BMW won’t market an M3 GTS sedan… at least, not in the U.S.

BMW M3 lightweight sedan

BMW M3 Sedan lightweight

You may recall that earlier this month, BMW revealed a unique M3 Sedan that had been stripped of weight and toughened up, packing the same sort of approach applied to the hard-core M3 GTS coupe, albeit with a couple of extra doors. The one-off was made for the M Festival set to take place during the 24 Hours of Nürburgring this coming June, but naturally, speculation on its production potential has ensued.

The good folks over at M3Post pinned down Matt Russell, the guy who handles the M range (along with Alpina) for BMW North America, and asked him about the lightweight M3 sedan’s future, and according to him, there are no plans to market such a vehicle in the United States. Naturally, Russell didn’t comment on markets outside his purview, neatly avoiding comment on whether the hardcore sedan will be available somewhere. But given the short time remaining in the current M3’s lifespan and the stringencies of U.S. regulations, any such vehicle apparently isn’t fated for these shores.

Elsewhere in the interview, Russell professed his admiration for the all-wheel drive system developed by Ferrari for the new FF. Could BMW incorporate AWD into future M products? Potentially, but as with the lightweight M3 sedan, the extra heft would be an issue.

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