Anderson Germany Aston Martin DBS Superior Black

You may wonder why would anyone want to change anything in an Aston Martin DBS, it is very nearly a perfect car. You have a point, but you can always play with colors, that’s what Anderson Germany been doing.

Given the swell design of the DBS, they decided to steer clear of body kits and stuff and just wrapped the car in matte black foil. The menacing ‘Superior Black’ exterior is garnished with red brake calipers inside the inside the 21-inch five-spoke gloss black wheels.

It is a nice design and will certainly make your DBS stand out, but to be honest it’s become a bit show-offy now. Aston DBS has too much dignity for such bad boyish treatments.

The interior is a better job, with lots more carbon fiber bits, even on the steering wheel, and Alcantara plus red stitched high quality leather everywhere you look. That is a fancy place to be in. To top it off, Anderson also tweaks the car’s V12 engine with some new exhaust and extracts 560 hp out of it. Nice!

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