GeigerCars Mustang Shelby GT640 Golden Snake

Geigercars is a German company that’s been working on American cars from 1979. Their latest project is turning a Shelby GT500 into a GT640. They call it the Golden Snake.

The factory-standard Shelby GT500 is one brutal beast. When you step on its gas pedal all hell brakes loose! So imagine what kind of a monster the GT640 would be.

Geiger has modified the 500’s and installed a large 2.3 liter compressor as well as a Geiger stainless steel sport exhaust system. They’ve also fiddled with the ECU software. The result is a massive 640 PS and 790 Nm of torque. The result is 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 295 km/h. The GT640 must also sound much nicer than the GT500.

The Golden Snake also gets a carbon fiber bonnet featuring a pair of nostrils to provide more fresh air for the intake system, and a carbon fiber front spoiler lip. The body is obviously painted in gold and is garnished with bespoke graphics and stripes. Also part of the package is the matt black Geiger wheels in the sizes 8.5×20 inch front and 10×20 inch rear, wrapped in Michelin Pilot sports tires with the dimensions 255/35ZR20 and 285/30ZR20.

The ride and handling is also improved by using H&R components. Geiger provides a high-quality sound system with EU navigation, but we wish they had done something about the interior design as well, because it looks so boring.

This demo car is up for grabs for 89,000 Euro.

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