Production Bugatti Galibier To Cost $1.4 Million

Production Bugatti Galibier To Cost $1.4 Million bugatti 16c galibier black 13

Volkswagen has been waiting to see how the luxury car market recovers from the economy downturn and then put the Bugatti Galibier concept into production. Now it seems the time has come.

Based on the recent reports, Bugatti has received the green light from parent company Volkswagen to prepare the Galibier for series production. Of course when we say series production it doesn’t mean they will make a thousand of them! The Galibier will probably have the same limited production run as the Veyron, and probably the same number of endless special editions.

The final production version of the ultra-lux super sedan – which is expected to arrive sometime close to 2013 – will be priced well over 1 million Euro or $1.4 million. I know it is insanely high, but it’s a bargain compared to the Veyron! Because it has twice the doors, twice the seats, and it’s supremely comfortable and luxurious, and it has the same 1000 hp W16 engine.

That said, the Galibeir won’t be as fast as the Veyron for obvious reasons, but it sure will be the fastest produciton sedan in the world.

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