Video: This Is The Real Ferrari Town!

A while back we brought to you a video of Maranello’s Ferrari-littered streets. Turns out though Maranello is not the ultimate Ferrari town, at least not in comparison with this lovely village somewhere in Netherlands where each household has one or more Ferraris! It is as though they don’t allow any other car in that town. What’s more interesting, each family appears to have a collection of old and new Ferrari models. That is just staggering. Yes, the heaven is indeed a place on earth. Not sure what this place is called, but it sure is a Ferrari town. We’re just wondering why they’re all parked outside, don’t they have garages?!

UPDATE: We’ve been out asking about this place and found some facts. It is apparently Ferrari Club Netherlands meeting, they went for a long drive this weekend and spent the night in those rental suites. That explains it.

View the original article here

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